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Blue Series pneumatic hot melt guns (ClassicBlue, SolidBlue and SureBead®) have an EasyOn module mounting design that provides machined surfaces on both the gun body and the module. EasyOn technology provides

• Guided, one-way fit.

• Easier, safer installation, especially on gun bodies located deep within machines.

• Backward compatibility (modules fit existing Nordson® gun bodies).

The Best Choice configurator determines the right gun for an application. Refer to Best Choice Gun Configuration Code later in this section to determine the configuration of a gun based on its configuration code.

Blue Series guns use new Saturn® solenoid valves and Saturn® nozzles.

Blue Series guns are characterized by the type of module installed. Figure 3 shows the key components of a Blue Series gun. Table 3 describes the different modules used with the guns.

NOTE: Blue Series guns are available in multiple-module and water-wash designs.