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The MILLENNIUM Series of hotmelt applicators were designed for the application of EVA, Polyamide, Polyester and high viscosity Pressure Sensitive adhesives. They were developed for large scale production applications; and are available in a variety of configurations so that they can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of capacity, viscosity, temperature and type of adhesive. The applicators are equipped with 50 kg tanks all of which incorporate Preo’s innovative progressive melting system which eliminates environmental contamination and carbonization, therefore enabling you to achieve production optimization. Preo’s progressive melting system is also coated with a special high temperature scratch-resistant PTFE non-stick surface, this prevents the glue from forming films that could be quickly transformed into carbonaceous residues, which cause premature wear and operational difficulties. The temperature is monitored in 3 different heating zones (pre-melting device, tank and manifold) in order to ensure greater application accuracy. Attention to design detail enables the glue filter to be easily reached and replaced. A combination of better adhesive distribution and the Preo progressive melt system prevents the nozzle from blocking due to adhesive residues. The MILLENNIUM series is fitted with 1 or 2 high precision single or double flow rate gear pumps, the adhesive output is controlled via a potentiometer which is conveniently located on the front panel, this controls the speed of an alternating current motor via an inverter placed inside the switchboard. The latest generation of microprocessors control the thermoregulation and the distribution of the adhesive up to a maximum of 4 hoses. The following options are also available: MILLENNIUM HT version for high temperature requirements up to 250°C, low level adhesive control, quick release valve (not available on HT version), adhesive control pressure gauge and roller kit for ease of handling.