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The gun series SLIM, similar to the Long Life Series, are equipped with a self-cleaning zero cavity long nozzles up to 65 mm which distribute the glue even in very narrow or deep points. These new nozzles are manufactured of special alloy mostly used in the aerospace sector, from which Preo has been gaining its experience for years. The material employed has a thermal conductivity 8 times higher than a normal brass alloy maintaining a constant temperature along the length of the nozzle. They are mostly suitable in the food, ceramics and bookbinding industry field. They are supplied with the AMX 45 module with double interchangeable seal cartridge system and they are manufactured without outer guard as the gun body is with a protective, non-stick coating on the gun body where is inserted the electric wiring for the best safety and the stainless steel glue filter which can be removed without disassembling the hose, ensuring the complete absence of impurities during gluing output, thus increasing the high reliability of PREO spray guns. The heating is produced by the most reliable electric elements and controlled by very accurate sensors. The wide range of models provides also the most demanding customer with the ideal solutions for each gluing problem.