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The greatest problem in packing powders is the glue spray programming on different size boxes requiring the use of guns at different distances. The new gluing system Sift Proof is based on a completely innovative packaging technology improving the flexibility models and reducing the downtime due to size changes. For its high technology and reliability of all the details, the Sift Proof series warranties a perfect sealing barrier preventing any powder from coming out of the cardboard box fastening and sides. At the same time it will prevent humidity, foreign particles and insects from entering by making it useless to put any protective plastic bag inside the cardboard box and thus allowing to save on the manufacturing costs. The Sift Proof series is made up of a series of zero cavity technology and self-cleaning nozzles that eliminate the obstructions caused by carbonization. Inside each nozzle there is also a hard metal covered with PVD needle ensuring the greatest spraying reliability without errors and making it possible to repeat the operation several times even in case of high productions with a saving of at least 80% on the maintenance times respect to the traditional systems. The versatility of this product allows a simple and quick installation directly on the packaging line. It doesn’t need to be removed for the size change either as it’s enough to enable, by a selector, the series of suitable.