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The new microprocessor EASY Series controls all those operations necessary to the system proper running: thermo-regulation in all different system areas, programming control of 8 glue tracks for each of the 8 independent channels.
Additional features are: Economy Function, Clock, Weekly Program, Max. temperature alarm, Sequential Heating of all channels and delay Temperature Set Point lock.

A new LCD display (specifically designed) graphically shows all the machine sections (tank, manifold, hoses and guns with respective parameters), allowing an immediate and extremely easy system programming also by unskilled operators, eliminating problems generated by codes and foreign languages to understand and meaning that the displays are all the same, independently of the country of use. A specific notification area controls the system status constantly and dynamically in all its operation phases. In case of eventual alarms or faults error messages are displayed.

Another innovative feature of the new Easy Series is the “Rotary Switch”: the selector through which it is possible, with extreme easiness, to program, modify and set section by section all those parameters intended for the system running.