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Sika - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. utilizes Sika bonding products throughout the manufacturing process in which rivets, welds, bolts and screws are being replaced with elastic bonding systems.

Bonding products that replace conventional methods

SIKA Transportation Products:
Manufacturers of trailers, trucks, buses, RV’s, utility bodies, agricultural equipment, van conversions and specialty vehicles use quality sealants and adhesives from Sika. Throughout the manufacturing process, rivets, welds, bolts and screws are being replaced with our elastic bonding systems.

Sika adhesive systems for bus applications are already being specified for the next generation of road and rail vehicles, having proven themselves worldwide both on the production line and in the repair shop. Studies and tests carried out on vehicles with elastic-bonded body panels have shown that side windows and side panels in particular act as stiffening planes to increase torsional stiffness, adding enormously to the structural rigidity of the vehicle and consequently improving the ride comfort for driver and passengers alike. Sika offers a complete range of adhesives and sealants specifically formulated to meet the needs of bus manufacturers.

Sika's elastic bonding technology reduces corrosion, vibration and noise transmission and allows for thermal expansion of different materials. By eliminating conventional mechanical fasteners, Sika's elastic bonding technology offers a cost effective, cleaner-looking end product. While streamlining the manufacturing process, Sika adhesives improve structural integrity while sealing and bonding at the same time.

Rail/Specialty Vehicles
Elastic bonding is capable of absorbing thermal or mechanical movement between the most varied materials, but can also, if properly utilized, add considerable stiffness. Sika adhesives used in rail transportation help prevent corrosion in metals, absorb loads and compensate thermal stresses, which is not possible with rigid joints.

Custom and Specialty vehicle manufacturers are especially well suited to Sika elastic bonding systems. The same benefits used in other transportation markets apply to all specialty vehicles such as RVs, utility trailers, delivery vans, emergency vehicles, horse trailers, etc.