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Lock n' Pop - Adhesive & Equipment utilizes this water-based, environmentally friendly palletizing adhesive that works by itself or with stretch wrap to put an end to shipping damage. The world market leader in environmental unitizing, Lock n’ Pop has helped unitize more than 200 million pallets. For boxes or bags, even chilled or frozen packages, Lock n’ Pop has a solution to fit every shipping need.

Product Overview:

Think You're Holding It Together?

If you use stretch wrap or hot melt to secure your palletized boxes, it's time you learned about Lock n' Pop. Stronger than stretch wrap alone, and safer than hot melt, it's better for your packages, the environment and your bottom line.

Lock n' Pop is a water-based, environmentally-friendly adhesive that:

  • Locks each container to another, holding your pallets together from the inside out
  • Prevents side-to-side shifting common in intermodal shipping -- because of its amazing shear strength
  • Easily "pops" apart by lifting -- because of low tensile strength
  • Is applied safely, without heat
  • Uses compact, inexpensive, nearly maintenance-free equipment
  • Does not tear your packages or damage your graphics
  • Leaves no visible or sticky residue
  • Eliminates stretch wrap waste and dunnage
  • Is non-toxic and recyclable
  • Costs just pennies per pallet
  • Comes in a variety of formulas to work on all packaging types: boxes, bags, frozen and chilled packaging.

Studies and customer experience show...
Lock n' Pop works by itself or with stretch wrap to:

  • Put an end to shipping damage
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve profits
  • Prevent accidents
  • Protect the environment