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Plexus - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. utilizes Plexus, specializing in plastic and composite bonding. With superior flexibility, elongation, and UV resistance, Plexus Adhesives have the strength and elasticity to withstand these severe stresses.

Experts in Composites Bonding

Nothing simplifies assembly and speeds production like PLEXUS Adhesives!

Plexus Adhesives bond an exceptionally wide range of plastics and composites without primers or surface preparation. By eliminating time-consuming grinding operations, they dramatically reduce process costs, minimize dust, and lessen process variability.

Plexus Adhesives also bond virtually all polyester resins and gelcoats, as well as most thermoplastics and metals. In addition to improving the performance of your boats, they reduce the cost of boat production by cutting assembly labor costs and times up to 60 percent.

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