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Bostik - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. can provide you with products from Bostik Findley, Inc in the areas of adhesive, sealant, and lubricant technology for construction/distribution, industrial application, and use with nonwovens.

Bostik Findley, Inc. is comprised of three unique divisions: Construction & Distribution, Industrial Adhesives, and Nonwovens.

Construction & Distribution Divison
The C&D Division serves the following marketplaces: Flooring, Construction, Industrial, MRO and Insulated Glass. Bostik Findley adhesive, sealant and lubricant technology is available through local ceramic tile, floor covering, hardwood, construction, industrial and specialty distributors. Our products are packaged in a large variety of sizes to offer convenience to the contractor or large manufacturing operation.
We are America's most experienced manufacturer of flooring installation products for tile, stone, hardwood, carpet and vinyl. Our expertise, customer service and technical support ensure prompt delivery of the right products for the job. Product categories within this area include: ceramic tile grouts, mortars and mastics, hardwood adhesives and finishes as well as underlayments, patches and adhesives for floor covering.
We have engineered products for specific construction applications. Our Bostik® Chem-Calk® line offers unique, construction and architectural grade formulas that offer strength, durability and long-lasting performance.
Our industrial line offers a vast number of products to serve the general industrial, marine and transportation markets. Product categories within this area include: hot melt sticks and guns; elastic adhesives, sealants and sealant guns; epoxies and cyanoacrylates, solvent and water-based liquids, aerosol adhesives and specialty products.
Our full line of highly versatile maintenance (MRO) products is superior in protecting and prolonging the life of parts and equipment. Bostik Findley offers a variety of products including Never-Seez® , the recognized leader in anti-seize and lubricating compounds.
Bostik Findley sealants for manufacturing insulating glass are recognized for their superior performance as a primary or secondary sealant material. We have a full line of sealant technologies designed for suitability within the full range of application methods used by the industry.

High Performance Polymers Division
The High Performance Polymers Division of Bostik Findley Inc. located in Middleton, MA is a pioneer in the development and production of innovative and cost effective adhesive systems for the automotive, textile, aircraft, industrial lamination, footwear and product assembly markets.
With global headquarters in Leicester England, the High Performance Polymer Division supplies specialty copolyamide and copolyester resins and hot melts, formulated solvent-based adhesives, and unique powder, film and web adhesives on a worldwide basis.
Our research and development efforts are driven by the needs of the marketplace. We place great emphasis on proving adhesive technologies through pilot programs that duplicate real world production situations. And we are constantly looking for ways to make products that not only improve our customer's processes but also achieve a better environment for all of us.
The High Performance Polymers Division serves many fast-paced industries with a very diverse product line. Our worldwide commitment to excellence and continuous improvement ensures that each and every customer consistently benefits from new and innovative products, both now and in the future.

Industrial Adhesives Division
The Industrial Adhesives Division serves the needs of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or end-user. This division services the following markets: Automotive, Flexible Laminating Adhesives & Coatings, General Assembly, Textile, Rigid Packaging, Foam Latex and Tapes & Labels. A large variety of adhesives are produced within this division including hot melt, film, liquid, web and powder as well as co-polyester and polyamide resins.

Nonwovens Division
Bostik Findley is the largest worldwide supplier of adhesives for nonwoven disposable products. In fact, we pioneered this technology in the 1960's and today are honored to serve the most well-known and widely respected manufacturers around the world. Our adhesives are used extensively in the global manufacture of infant diapers, adult incontinence and feminine sanitary protection products.