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The system automatically administers adhesive into a connected hot melt tank, avoiding time loss and extra labor costs caused by typical manual refilling operations. The autofeed system offers all-around auto-feed system safety, time-efficiency, & quality for an even better product.
Unit of Measure

Maximum Delivery Rate

N/A 500 kg/h

Maximum Transfer Length

N/A Up to 30 m

Maximum Loading Height

N/A Up to 8 m

Pumping System

N/A Venturi Pump

Electrical Connection

N/A 220 I+E 220 III+E 380 III+N+E

Maximum Adhesive Granulate Size

N/A 12 x 12 mm

Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Hose Diameter

N/A 25 to 40 mm

Noise Emission

N/A Up to 80 dBA

Working Air Pressure

N/A 3 to 6 bar


N/A Retrofit to Melton Hot Melt Applicators

Air Consumption

N/A 300 nL/min

Additional Information

  • Constant refilling avoids charring of the adhesive in the tank for maximum productivity and quality gluing.
  • Non-direct labor contact ensures safety.
  • Complete elimination of adhesive waste, spillage, and contamination.
  • Reduces thermal impact in the applicator tank.
  • Offers complete control of the tank adhesive level, eliminating all possible risks caused by production stoppage.
  • Filter guarantees a dust-free environment for the unit’stank.
  • An illuminating light sensor offers visual confirmation of filling action
  • Venturi feed process can transport chips up to 5/8” in diameter
Shure-Glue / Melton offers a complete selection of hot-system components and support equipment:
  • RTD hot-melt hoses
  • Manual and automatic dispensing valves
  • Nozzle and applicator styles
  • Mounting bracket packages
  • Solid-state pattern control systems
  • In-line filters
  • Replacement parts for competitive systems
  • High-performance hot-melt adhesives