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The MPUR Slot Coat Gun has been specifically developed to work with polyurethane adhesives with a considerable reduction in maintenance, cleaning, and labor costs. MPUR sealed systems are quality assured as 100 % beneficial.
  • Zero cavity modules prevent premature curing and residual adhesive left in the nozzle orifice.
  • Versatile hydraulic connections have up to 6 positions.
  • MPUR profile has been designed for adaptability to profile wrapping.
Unit of Measure

Maximum Coating Length

N/A Up to 720 mm

Temperature Controls

N/A PT-100/NI-120/FEKO

Coating Thickness Range

N/A 0.3 to 1.5 mm

Operating Temperature

N/A 200 ºC

Operating Pressure

N/A 50 bar

Operating Speed

N/A 150 m/min

Speed Cut

N/A 10 mm to 300 m/min