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Woodworking Lubricants

With many different blends of Lubie Lube products to choose from, we're sure you'll find one to meet your particular needs. And remember, all of our Lubie Lube formulations are free of toxic and hazardous chemicals and are biodegradable. No silicones or waxes are used in any of our products.

Lubie® #2: A synthetic oil blended saw lubricant formulated for economy with twice the lubricating strength of diesel fuel and safe for spray systems. Generally used in a spray, drip or wick system.

Lubie® #3: Waterbased fluoropolymer and synthetic lubricant blend ideal for thin kerf saw blades and finger joint knives processing dried hardwoods such as hickory, walnut, white oak, and ash. This will work well on regular gang ripsaws and narrow and wide band saws. It will remove ash resin and runs well on all hardwoods. Non flammable, biodegradable, no silicone, no odor and no health hazard. Generally used in a spray system.

Lubie® #4: Formulated specifically for removing spruce, pine, and fir resins on all wood processing equipment. Concentrated synthetic emulsion that can be used straight or diluted with water. This is a good cleaner, coolant and lubricant for softwoods. Nonflammable when diluted with water, biodegradable, no silicone, no odor and no health hazard.

Lubie® #5: Concentrated synthetic emulsion with extremely high lubricity and good cleaning ability. When diluted with water, Lubie® #5 will remove heavy resin buildup from bandsaws. Much better lubricant and less expensive to use than diesel fuel. Also used for guided gang saws at 1% to 3% concentration. Guided gangs run this in the mixing tank or injectors. Bandsaws generally spray. Non flammable, no silicone, no odor, biodegradable, no health hazard.

Lubie® #6: High viscosity blended synthetic oil lubricant designed to replace fuel oil in wick feed systems for large bandmills. Retards pitch buildup on saw blades while reducing guide and wheel wear. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-staining, and odorless.

Lubie® #7: Low viscosity version of Lubie® #6 for use in spray, mist, and drip lubricating systems.

Lubie® #7-WG: A special, winter grade version of our popular Lubie® #7, for use in mills affected by cold weather during the winter months. Free flowing to 20*F (-7*C), this synthetic oil blended lubricant will not jell at freezing temperatures. Workhorse all-weather lubricant ideal for use in atomizing mist systems such as the Lubie 900 Industrial Lubricating System. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and odorless.


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