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Machine Grinding Coolants

A Complete Line of Coolants for all Grinding and Machining Applications:

Lubie 101: A concentrated emulsifiable oil that is diluted with water to form a white coolant designed for economical, medium duty, general purpose grinding and machining, that also provides rust protection and contains bactericides. Lubie 101 is generally diluted 10% in water and can be used on steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, carbide and brass with a machinability rating of 70% or greater.

Lubie 312: A concentrated, general purpose, synthetic coolant that is economical to use at 10% dilution with water yet is designed for medium to heavy grinding or machining. Lubie 312 is extremely resistant to bacterial growth and contains a superior rust inhibitor along with water conditioners and lubricity additives. Safe for use on aluminum and very low odor. This is the standard coolant for molder tooling, chipper knife and band saw grinding.

Lubie 325: A low-cobalt leaching, water-diluteable coolant formulated with special inhibitors to assure minimum cobalt discharge levels. Lubie 325 is low-foaming, antibacterial and will not stain or gum up grinders or wheels. This is the standard coolant for carbide saw shops and carbide manufacturers.

Cohib A for Lubie 325: Lubie® Cohib A is a formulated additive for reconstituting the cobalt inhibiting effectiveness of Lubie 325. Adding Lubie® Cohib A will replace the depleted inhibitors used from the original Lubie 325 solution.

Lubie FC-930: Lubie® #FC-930 is a heavy duty waterbased cleaner formulated to remove heavy burnt on wood resin deposits and pitch from cutting tools. It can be used on all types of ferrous metal saws, moulder heads, finger joint knives and other tooling.


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