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    We carry high quality automated glue guns and dispensing equipment. Used for hot melt adhesives for product assembly and packaging glue lines. We can custom make any gun for nearly any application. Give us a call today for a free quote and technical assistance.

  • Hoses

    Standard, high-flex, washdown and spray hoses are available. The resistance temperature detector (RTD) hoses are heating up the industry through reliable, safe operation and consistent temperature control. Insulation protects electrical and mechanical properties above and beyond system operating temperatures. All materials are chlorine-free, thereby eliminating any chance of corrosion to electrical connections and gun plugs that could create hot spots and reduce service life.

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    These hot melt dispensing valves are a compact, modular design and offer reliable and economical service. They are available for every type of pattern requirement no matter how simple or complex. Specific applications include high-speed, non-contact extrusion, ribbon coating, fine-line gluing and swirl-spray. Special and custom configurations are also available.

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    Adhesives filters can help with day-to-day operation or routine maintenance. Applicator and filter jackets insulate hot melt parts to help them operate efficiently without heat loss. And, service kits help maintain clear passages so adhesive flow is smooth and consistent.

    Proper use and care of your hot melt glue equipment, adhesive system and hot melt parts can reduce operating costs and extend equipment life.

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    These replacement hot-melt nozzles provide superior performance through precise bead placement, bead paths and bead widths. Efficient fluid flow and accurate adhesive placement ensure strong seals while eliminating pop-opens and adhesive waste.

    Nozzles that are available include; single orifice, single orifice right angle, dual orifice, double orifice, button, triple orifice, quad orifice, circular pattern and taper conversion heads.

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    We carry a wide array of top-notch, hot-melt replacement parts include hoses, glue modules, guns, nozzles, pumps, filters, melt tank parts, heaters, thermostats and more. Please call our shop for additional help if you do not see the part you need listed.

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    A complete line of top manufactures spare parts and accessories. These accessory kits can be used to customize your new hot melt system or for maintenance and repair of an existing melting unit. Questions? Contact us with help finding the exact part you need.