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  • Unity IC30 Dispensers

    • Pneumatic modules deliver consistent dispensing and clean cutoff
      for beads or dots.
    • Vision detection system provides integrated inspection, compensation and feedback.
    • Operating costs are reduced by prolonging cartridge life and minimizing bead width variation.
    • Three-axis robot eliminates manual operations.

  • Unity IC30 Dispensers

    • Applies adhesive at high speeds with precise accuracy.
    • Consistent dispensing and clean cutoff for beads or dots.
    • Patented jetting technology means Z-plane doesn’t need to constantly adjust for changing surface contours.
    • Accommodates a wide variety of hot melt materials including polyurethane (PUR).
    • Easily dispenses into 0.5 mm grooves and other challenging geometries.
    • Optimizes adhesive wetting of substrates for improved strength and impact resistance.

  • Unity IC30 Dispensers

    • Time and pressure delivery system.
    • Open needle design uses disposable, stainless-steel dispensing needles.
    • Standard single head system can be expanded to four heads.
    • Three-axis robot offers complete work cell with small footprint.

  • Unity IC30 Dispensers

    The Nordson® Unity series of robotic hot melt systems deliver easy handling and accurate dispensing of heated materials from 30 cc syringes. Unity hot melt dispensers help retain materials’ mechanical properties for extended work times to maximize material use and minimize residual waste.

    particularly valuable in mobile consumer electronics assembly, Unity systems precisely deliver ultra-thin yet strong, durable bond lines to support smaller and smaller handheld devices.