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  • Filter Solenoids Gun Parts

    Shop the widest selection of hot melt filters, solenoids, and gun parts anywhere.  Adhesive & Equipment carries replacement hot melt equipment to keep your systems running smoothly. Please call if you cannot find the equipment you are looking for, advanced custom orders are available for order.

  • 4000 Board

    For minimal downtime and quick plug in uptime

  • 4000 Pump

    For easy maintenance, minimal downtime and quick replacement parts.
    Drain Valve, Piston pump, manifold, pneumatic tray, repair kit, solenoid kit, screens, pressure gauge, crossover tube, etc.

  • nozzles

    Includes, M200 & M20 type pencil nozzles, 90° single dual and triple type nozzles, HG03 & HG04 nozzles, and spray/swirl nozzles (disk with O-ring/unibody).

  • Miscellaneous Gear Icon 4



    Ordering spare parts for your adhesive equipment will allow you to prevent costly downtime if your line goes down. Call today for discounted prices and quotes on popular replacement items.