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    Do you have a Nordson® glue gun that has stopped heating? Instead of replacing the complete applicator head, try repairing it by replacing the heater and the RTD sensor. Heaters generally run under $60, depending on which applicator head you use and the RTDs run under $50 each. Much less expensive than buying a new complete applicator head. Please call us if you need help determining which specific heater and/or RTD sensor you need.

  • Additional Non-Stocking Cartridge Heaters

    Stocking cartridge heaters for Nordson®, Slautterback®, Valco Melton®, and ITW applicator heads is good planning to reduce downtime when a heater goes out on a glue applicator head. We suggest keeping one of every variety of applicator heads you use on the shelf, but keep several cartridge heaters. There are many sizes, wattages and voltages for different heaters.

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    We offer fixed and adjustable thermostats ranging from 300° to 500° for hot melt hoses and tanks. Available with several configurations to connect to any system. Please give us a call if you need help finding a part.

  • Nordson® Cordset Electric Cable Assemblies for Applicator Heads

    We are the go to source replacement for Nordson® hot melt equipment cordsets. Faulty cordsets can cause issues with your system heating up and working properly. We test our cordsets and make sure they are working and ready to go before we ship them out to you.

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    Products are available in over 100 configurations in nylon, polypropylene and PVDF resins, with straight, elbow and tee connections for tubing. Available thread styles include 10-32 UNF, 1/16 - 27 NPT, 1/8 - 27 NPT, 1/4 - 18 NPT , 1/4 - 28 UNF, 5 x .8 metric, 6 x 1 metric, bottom sealing threads and other special thread types. Styles include plastic panel mount connectors and bulkhead fittings, thread to barb fittings, threaded elbow connectors, threaded tee fittings, straight reducers, plugs, and couplers.

  • Nordson® Electric Parts

    Make it simple when you need to change any electronics on Nordson® equipment. You can save a lot by simply replacing a part. Need help determining which parts to keep in stock? Please let us know and we would be glad to help.

  • miscellaneous O rings

    Viton Replacement O-Rings. We stock nearly all types and sizes of O-Rings related to the hot melt adhesive industry. Order in bulk to receive price discounts or give us a call today and we will give you the best deal possible. We deal with adhesive problems so that you can stay focused on your business.

    Quickly filter through O-Ring Diameter and Type by using the link below.

  • Nordson® Spare Parts

    This section contains available compatible replacement parts for Nordson systems. When you maintain your Nordson glue system, it will last longer which reduces costly downtime. It is so simple to exchange out the parts and take the steps needed to prevent costly fixes. All you need to do is call A&E and we will do the research for you!

  • Nordson® replacement applicator guns

    A full range of automated and manual applicators and guns for precisely applying adhesives, coatings, paints, sealants, and other materials. We offer fully working and tested OEM rebuilt applicators for a fraction of the original cost. Get a free quote from us today and start saving now.

  • Nozzle cleaning Kit

    An inexpensive and easy way to fix clogged glue nozzles is with these nozzle cleaning kits! Probe the nozzles to clean out contaminants, char, and reuse your nozzles. Using torches damages your nozzles, so try using the cleaning kit and continue to have good performance from your nozzles.

    • Cleaning kit includes pin vise and three packs of 10 stainless steel probes
    • Kits and probes may be ordered separately

  • Nordson® Ceramic Wire Electrical Connectors

    • Ceramic Wire Connectors for hot melt systems
    • For high temperature applications
    • Rated for AC/DC use up to 300 volts
    • Withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees

  • Additional Non-Stocking Cartridge Heaters

    Cartridge heaters manufactured by A&E are extremely reliable, long lasting, and light on the wallet. Service kits include two heaters and four small ceramic Wire Connector. Available options of 120V and 240V, Nickle or PL. Don't have a part number? Let us know the measurements, the voltage and wattage and we can give you a quote.

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    These insulated hot melt gloves will protect your hands from burns, cut and punctures. These gloves are made with breathable material and offer exceptional grip and dexterity. They are perfect for maintenance work or when operating hot melt systems in hot temperatures.

  • Nordson® model 2300 series replacement parts

    Compatible replacement parts for the Nordson Model 2300 Series Hot Melt System. We offer reconditioned automatic hoses, handgun hoses, and automatic guns for the 2300 series. We can repair your hot melt systems for you and will even buy your used/damaged systems or allow you to exchange them for heavily discounted newer models.

  • Nordson® model 3000 series replacement parts

    Compatible replacement parts for the Nordson Model 3000 Series Hot Melt System. Includes nozzles, retaining nuts, pump can, and pattern adapters. We can repair your hot melt systems for you and will even buy your used/damaged systems or allow you to exchange them for heavily discounted newer models.

  • Nordson®  Fittings

    Products are available in over 100 configurations with straight, elbow, and tee connections for tubing. Available thread styles include 1/8 NPT x 5/16 Tube, 1/4 NPT x 5/16 Tube, 1 1/16 - 12 JIC to 7/8 - 14, 1 1/16 - 12 JIC to 9/16 - 18, 3/4 - 16 SAE, & other special thread styles upon request.