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    We carry a full line of Nordson® pumps and 14:1 pumps. Our most popular rebuilds are PN#'s 1028303, 161424, 498056, & 105424.

    Please call our shop to get an affordable quote on fixing your adhesive pumps.

    • Additional charges may apply for broken and missing parts.

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    Nordson® extruders provide precise, homogenous melting of adhesive granules. As only the material immediately needed is processed, production is virtually maintenance free and crosslinking of adhesive is nearly impossible. Additionally switching adhesives does not require cleaning the extruder.

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    The LA 300 Series Piston Pumps from Nordson® can handle 5 - 55 gallon containers with a 7:1 air-fluid ration. With their wear resistant rods for large scaled production requirements, they maintain a steady output production at 31.7 gallons an hour. They are made of corrosion resistant plastic and steel so that operation is ensured to be with a maximum longevity and minimal error.

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    We rebuild all Nordson hot melt pumps. This section contains everything you would need for Nordson's piston pumps such as Pump Kits, Crossover Tubes, O-Ring's, Piston cups, Seals, Balls, Gaskets, Lock Nuts, UCups, and more. If you need help finding a part, please call us at (770) 307-0942.