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    SolidBlue guns feature butterfly module mounting and are direct replacements for Nordson H-400 series guns. SolidBlue guns and modules provide up to twice the service life of other guns, reducing module replacement costs.

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    Nordson Compatible Modules available in

    • Standard
    • Reduced Cavity
    • Zero cavity

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    MiniBlue ll modules are specifically designed for industrial applications that require the deposition of a precisely controlled bead of hot melt material onto a moving substrate. The applicators are designed to be rigidly mounted, pneumatically operated, and triggered by an electrically controlled solenoid valve. MiniBlue ll replacement modules are designed for use with Nordson melters and hoses.

  • Nordson® Spray/Swirl Hot Melt guns

    Adhesive & Equipment offers a range of Nordson compatible hot melt bead and spray nozzles to deliver whatever adhesive patterns are required for specific applications. Hot melt nozzles are easily changeable and provide production flexibility. Our adhesive nozzles are made with quality craftsmanship to provide precise, reliable adhesive delivery and placement. Equip your production line with reliable hot melt adhesive nozzles that increase product quality and productivity.