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    SolidBlue guns feature butterfly module mounting and are direct replacements for Nordson H-400 series guns. SolidBlue guns and modules provide up to twice the service life of other guns, reducing module replacement costs.

  • M200 and M20 Modules with Parts
  • Classic Blue Hot Melt Dispensing Gun Module

    SolidBlue guns feature EasyOn® module mounting and are direct replacements for Nordson® H-400 and H-440 series guns. SolidBlue guns are modules provide up to twice the service life of other guns, reducing module replacement costs.

    SolidBlue hot melt dispensing guns are available in two styles:

    • SolidBlue S gun: Air-open/spring-close (AO/SC) with ball and seat.
    • SolidBlue A gun: Air-open/air-close (AO/AC) with ball and seat.

    With SolidBlue guns, you can:

    • Identify actuation characteristics (AO/SC or AO/AC) with color-coded, cool-touch module covers.
    • Improve ease-of-installation and safety with EasyOn module mounting.
    • Monitor module and seal performance via an inspection port on front of gun module.
    • Extend module life with Myritex™ seals.

  • Nordson® Spray/Swirl Hot Melt guns

    Adhesive & Equipment offers a range of Nordson compatible hot melt bead and spray nozzles to deliver whatever adhesive patterns are required for specific applications. Hot melt nozzles are easily changeable and provide production flexibility. Our adhesive nozzles are made with quality craftsmanship to provide precise, reliable adhesive delivery and placement. Equip your production line with reliable hot melt adhesive nozzles that increase product quality and productivity.

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    Nordson Compatible Modules available in

    • Standard
    • Reduced Cavity
    • Zero cavity

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  • Module O-Rings & Mounting Screws
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    Blue Series pneumatic hot melt guns (ClassicBlue, SolidBlue and SureBead®) have an EasyOn module mounting design that provides machined surfaces on both the gun body and the module. EasyOn technology provides

    • Guided, one-way fit.

    • Easier, safer installation, especially on gun bodies located deep within machines.

    • Backward compatibility (modules fit existing Nordson® gun bodies).

    The Best Choice configurator determines the right gun for an application. Refer to Best Choice Gun Configuration Code later in this section to determine the configuration of a gun based on its configuration code.

    Blue Series guns use new Saturn® solenoid valves and Saturn® nozzles.

    Blue Series guns are characterized by the type of module installed. Figure 3 shows the key components of a Blue Series gun. Table 3 describes the different modules used with the guns.

    NOTE: Blue Series guns are available in multiple-module and water-wash designs.

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