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    Increase your production efficiency and reduce downtime with our aftermarket Nordson® module selection. Our replacement parts rival the precision and durability of OEM parts, and they are up to 70% more affordable! Our M200 module is a standard air open/spring closed H200-style module for use with Nordson® applicator guns. This valve mounts the same as the OEM valve.

    We carry both Standard and Butterfly (Back Cutout) type modules in stock.

  • m20 smaller

    Are you over spending on the H20 style plug in modules for your adhesive applicator lines?

    A&E offers an exact replacement plug-in module that will fit adhesive applicators. Have another variety of a Nordson® module? We make many varieties and can provide savings with great lead times. Our modules have the same quality standards that other OEM modules offer and yet only cost a fraction of what other OEM modules charge.