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  • Additional Non-Stocking Cartridge Heaters

    Stocking cartridge heaters for Nordson®, Slautterback®, Valco Melton®, and ITW applicator heads is good planning to reduce downtime when a heater goes out on a glue applicator head. We suggest keeping one of every variety of applicator heads you use on the shelf, but keep several cartridge heaters. There are many sizes, wattages and voltages for different heaters.

  • Additional Non-Stocking Cartridge Heaters
  • Additional Non-Stocking Cartridge Heaters

    Cartridge heaters manufactured by A&E are extremely reliable, long lasting, and light on the wallet. Service kits include two heaters and four small ceramic Wire Connector. Available options of 120V and 240V, Nickle or PL. Don't have a part number? Let us know the measurements, the voltage and wattage and we can give you a quote.

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    • Additional heaters and Ceramic Wire Connectors are available.

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