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    Adhesive & Equipment manufactures a complete line of hot glue applicators, compatible with Valco Melton®, to cover nearly any glue pattern width or style requirement. Our applicators are designed for maximum durability. To find out which applicator you need, speak with one of our technical engineers today.

  • Low Profile Hot Melt Guns

    LP applicators are typically used for case sealing and case closing applications. Their low profile design allows them to be placed in closed spots along the assembly line. Low profile guns typically use 90 degree nozzles which provide angle adjustment and maximum pattern flexibility.

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    Precise adhesive reduced cavity guns will provide a more accurate glue pattern with a regular consistency. Making your gluing more efficient by saving you time, labor and maintenance costs in the long run.

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    Zero cavity guns produce cleaner patterns and deliver sharp performance with glue precision. This type of nozzle uses a significantly less amount of glue which prevents clogging during operation, even with aggressive hot melt adhesives.