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  • K100 Series Hot Melt Slot Guns


    Coating heads K100 series are particularly suitable for all those applications where coating of hot-melt thermoplastic, polyamide adhesives and PUR reactive is demanded, in continuous or interrupted track with a max width of 1000 mm and variable thickness. These coating heads are specific also for high speed applications and very reduced reaction time. Their main features are the use of the best prime materials (tempered steel and titanium oxide), an innovatory system for the width changing for coating of different shapes and with the sole replacement of the templates.

  • CH Series Hot Melt Slot Guns


    The coating heads CH series are ideal for all hot melt coating applications. They can be used for continuous or interrupted strip with different thickness and widths up to 60 mm obtained from an innovating and versatile system for the easy change of the laminating width. These guns are equipped with modules with interchangeable seal cartridge system (appositely designed and manufactured) that ensures perfect tightness against operating pressure and an economical, virtually maintenance-free working life. The gun body is with a protective, non-stick coating on the gun body where is inserted the electric wiring for the best safety and the stainless steel glue filter which can be removed without disassembling the hose, ensuring the complete absence of impurities. The heating is produced by the most reliable electric elements and controlled by very accurate sensors. The wide range of models provides also the most demanding customer with the ideal solutions for each gluing problem.