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    PREO SRL proposes a wide range of applicators highly innovative and reliable equipped with 1 to 50 kg tanks, piston or gear pumps, and programming control up to 8 glue tracks. It is also available the melt-on-demand drum-unloaders series in different configurations: 2, 20 and 200 liters.

  • High Performance Hose Assemblies for ITW®/LTI Systems

    PREO flexible high pressure thermos heated hoses convey liquids maintaining their properties unaltered, thanks to the internal constant temperature. They are available in different models: standard and special versions (high temperature, with external water proof braid and with external rigid protective jacket for movement, with external reduced diameter, with inner exchangeable glue tube and with air tube for spray). They are suitable for all different models of dosing systems present on the market and are used in all industrial fields requiring high quality, resistance and careful control of the temperature. They are available with different nominal diameters of the internal hose (6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20 and 25 mm), with lengths that differ from 0,4 up to 12 meters and with working temperature between 50 and 230°C, in order to grant the same application precision, safety and reliability in controlling all different flows. The connection end fittings are available in a wide range allowing the perfect hydraulic connection between applicator and gun. Manufactured in galvanized steel, on Customer’s request they can be demanded made of other materials (brass, iron, stainless steel) and equipped with different threads (BSP, metric, J.I.C, ASA etc.), in order to fulfil any possible technical or production requirement.

    Available in different diameters, it is obtained through the extrusion and sintering of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It resists also to particularly aggressive adhesives and to temperatures over 230°C (450°F).

    Built in stainless steel 18/8-AISI 304, it assures protection and resistance to the working pressures.

    It brings the inner hose made of PTFE in temperature and wraps it around. It is of variable power.

    It detects the material temperature allowing its continuous control.

    It maintains the temperature constant wrapping and protecting the resistance.

    They grant the electric connection between machine and gun. They can be supplied in different typologies and models.

    It helps to keep the temperature to the level required thanks also to the silicon foam with which it is composed.

    Equipped with earth conductors, they supervise to the heating and control of the guns solenoid valve (24V).

    It increases the mechanical resistance against heat, strokes, abrasions wear and handling. It is available in Polyamide or in water-repellent silicon.

    The electrical connection takes place here. They can be rigid or made of silicon and thanks to their particular resistance, they protect the hoses ends.

    They are manufactured with different threads and materials in accordance with the specific requirement and allow the hydraulic connection between machine and gun granting a perfect tightness in all circumstances

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    PREO SRL offers a wide variety of nozzles series suitable for every type of application: manufactured with different materials, they are the result of a long-time experience in the aerospace and aeronautic sectors.

  • preo automatic guns icon

    PREO offers a wide range of small-size automatic guns all equipped with the double replaceable gasket cartridge modules series AMX-45.  They are available for bead, point, spiral, spray and slot coating applications and for standard or high-temperature configurations with one or more modules.


  • preo slot guns icon

    Our slot guns are particularly suitable for coating applications in continuous or interrupted track with a width from 1 to 1000 mm and variable thickness.


  • handguns 3 icon

    The W&B hand guns are suitable for use with any standard application system and are available in bead and spray type. They are the inexpensive solution as substitute for automating or semi-automating short runs and are particularly useful for a multitude of assembly and packaging applications.

  • Electromagnetic Hot Melt Guns

    STRAIN 121 electromagnetic guns are the most sophisticated, innovative, and technologically advanced on the world market today. They stand out from their competitors due to their speed, compactness, precision, repeatability in supply, ease and speed of installation, as well as being completely noise free. They are particularly suitable for applying and supplying micro-points of thermal adhesives even at very high speeds of up to 5,000 Cps. They can reach a cycle speed of less than 1 millisecond and an overall lifecycle of tens of millions of strokes.

    The electrical kit is easy, quick, and safe to extract.

    A precise micro-regulation system guarantees simple, perfect formation of micro-points of glue, even at very high speeds.

    This makes it possible to supply a glue point in less than 1 millisecond, with maximum repeatability.

    An innovative energy saving system makes it possible to recover up to 50% of the electricity used for the gun to operate.

    All the gun’s components are assembled inside the casing, which makes maintenance easier and reduces the quantity of spare parts required.

    The material used to make the gun casing is “Ergal”, which significantly improves performance in terms of strength to resist mechanical forces. A hard oxide coating makes cleaning and maintaining the gun quicker and simpler.

    Easy to access and replace, it ensures a better distribution of the adhesive preventing the nozzle clogging due to the presence of impurities in the adhesive. It is integrated and easy to change.

    The nozzle is made of special high strength material and guarantees maximum repeatability, exceptional reliability, and very high precision, as well as uniformity of the micro-points of glue deposited.

    The STRAIN DRIVER 121 digital control unit runs up to 2 guns fully independently for all functions and allows repeatability that far outstrips normal applications, thanks to its innovative electronics.

    A terminal board with a rapid coupling connector on the back of the unit is used to connect all the Input and/or Output signals and the photocells required for the system to operate properly.

    It displays graphically the sections and the programmable parameters allowing a very easy way to program the guns even by non-specialist personnel, eliminating problems generated by codes and foreign languages.

    An innovative selector with built-in button controls the programming method of all the operating parameters: every time the knob is pressed, another parameter appears, which is increased or decreased simply by turning the knob.

    4 leds show the system status and any alarms or faults that arise while the unit is operating.

    Once the control unit has been programmed, the data entered can be protected by using the safety key located on the front panel.

  • Preo module icon

    The modules of the AMX 45 Series (interchangeable with the previous series New Life), are the first and only in the world equipped with a double interchangeable gasket cartridge. They are the most innovative product actually present in the world market. Thanks to its technology deriving from the aerospace and aviation sectors, PREO developed this component of crucial importance for the whole system; its main aim, that cannot be detected in no other module of our competitor, is the high and innovative mechanical technology peculiar of its design and manufacture. In addition, its small size, high speed of work (up to 6,500 strokes per minute), precise application and easy maintenance make it reliable, cost-effective and long lasting. A wide range of models enables even the most demanding Customer to always find the best solution to any gluing problem.

    A precise micro-regulation system of the needle guarantees an easy, perfect distribution of micro-dots of glue, even at very high speed.

    The hard-metal titanium-coated lock ensures safety, precision and top-quality performances as well as a virtually unlimited product life.

    The innovative system of interchangeable double gasket cartridges (specifically designed and manufactured) ensures perfect tightness even under conditions of high pressures and at high temperatures, requiring minimum maintenance, at the same time being cost-effective, handy and durable. Actually, the cartridge holding the gaskets needs only to be unscrewed and replaced with a new one, which is already pre-assembled on its housing, to have a perfectly working module, without jeopardizing its reliability, quality and performances.

    The modules are currently supplied with nozzles provided with the Zero-Cavity locking system, whose main feature is that of being self-cleaning, as the lock acts directly on the hole of the nozzle, shattering possible impurities and ensuring that the nozzle is always clean for the proper working of the whole system.
    An extremely wide range of nozzles including different patterns and special performances based on the specific needs of the Customer both in relation to the size of the application area and the kind of material used during construction.

    The body of the module is manufactured of brass, a material significantly improving the performances in terms of thermal conductivity and mechanical stress resistance. An outer nonstick hard-oxide coating makes cleaning and maintaining the gun easier and faster and reinforces the casing itself. A complete model range allows the Customer to choose the most suitable module according to the requested application.

    The AMX-45 NL Series, interchangeable with the previous series NEW LIFE, is mainly used for applications with a maximum speed of work up to 6.500 cycles/minute.

    The AMX-45 LL Series, interchangeable with the previous series Long Life, is mainly used for applications with a maximum speed of work up to 4.000 cycles/minute.

    The CH Series is used for continuous coating and laminating applications with maximum light 30 mm.

    The HIGH FLOW Series is used to deposit big flow of adhesive in a very short time.

    The SPRAY e SPYRO Series is generally used to glue wide areas requiring low glue weight. The Spray version is suitable to achieve a constant atomization of the product, whereas the Spyro series produces a spiral-shaped glue line. Their interior is marked by the traditional system with replaceable gasket cartridge.

  • Microprocessors Series EASY Controllers

    The new microprocessor EASY Series controls all those operations necessary to the system proper running: thermo-regulation in all different system areas, programming control of 8 glue tracks for each of the 8 independent channels.
    Additional features are: Economy Function, Clock, Weekly Program, Max. temperature alarm, Sequential Heating of all channels and delay Temperature Set Point lock.

    A new LCD display (specifically designed) graphically shows all the machine sections (tank, manifold, hoses and guns with respective parameters), allowing an immediate and extremely easy system programming also by unskilled operators, eliminating problems generated by codes and foreign languages to understand and meaning that the displays are all the same, independently of the country of use. A specific notification area controls the system status constantly and dynamically in all its operation phases. In case of eventual alarms or faults error messages are displayed.

    Another innovative feature of the new Easy Series is the “Rotary Switch”: the selector through which it is possible, with extreme easiness, to program, modify and set section by section all those parameters intended for the system running.