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  • HM25 & HM50 - Generation 1 Melters


    Tank-Free Hot Melt Adhesive Delivery System
    Innovative hot melt equipment for the packaging industry

    InvisiPac. So reliable, you'll forget it's even there.

    Keep your packaging line up and running with the Graco InvisiPac. Say good-bye to daily maintenance due to char. No more char-filled hoses. No more tank scraping. No more wasted time waiting for your hot melt tank to heat up. With the Graco InvisiPac, you’re up to operating temperature and running production in less than 10 minutes.

    Because it’s engineered with a Tank-Free design, adhesive spends less time at high temperature, significantly reducing char and its negative side effects. You get great performance – even from low cost adhesives.

    Learn more on how the InvisiPac can improve your bottom line.

    Improve your ROI with:
    ·         Faster startup
    ·         Less char
    ·         Less nozzle plugging
    ·         Less maintenance
    ·         More production uptime

    How it works
    ·         Vacuum system feeds pellets to an in-line melt chamber
    ·         Pellets are automatically added as needed
    ·         The InvisiPac System sends a continuous flow of adhesive through production - significantly reducing the time adhesive spends at high temperature

    Tank-Free design means less char, less nozzle plugging and more uptime

    ·         Features:

    • Quick start-up – ready in less than 10 minutes, eliminating costly downtimeNo tank – adhesive supplied and melted to meet your application’s demand means less adhesive time at high temperature
    • Less adhesive time at high temperature means less char and less material degradation
    • Less char results in reduced nozzle plugging, less system maintenance and more uptime

    Great performance, even with low-cost adhesives!!!

  • HM25 & HM50 - Generation 1 Melters