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  • A&E Standard Hose Assemblies

    Our hoses meet ALL OEM hose standards and cost a fraction of the OEM price. Rugged, durable hot melt and liquid adhesive hoses help reduce operating costs and downtime. Precision fabrication and calibration using the highest quality materials increase glue hose service life in even the most difficult manufacturing environments. Multi-layer hose construction improves thermal efficiency and operator safety.

  • A&E High Flex Hose Assemblies

    Our high flex hoses are made with improved flexibility to allow the hose to bend at tighter angles and spaces. Allowing the hose to be used in difficult to reach places and tight hose locations where a regular adhesive hose would not be able to bend around. Typically used for robotic and articulated operations.

  • A&E Washdown Hose Assemblies

    These high-quality washdown hoses efficiently and hygienically clean equipment in food processing plants, dairies, paper mills and other industrial operations. These long-lasting hoses resist oil and abrasion and are reliable and durable. Easily clean your factory without having to worry about ruining your hoses by using our washdown hoses.

  • A&E Spray Hose Assemblies

    Spray hoses have a built in air line in the hose, that transfers heated air to the applicator head. These spray hoses are RTD heated air hoses made for the 4000, & C Series hotmelt systems but can be configured to work on any system.